Kelli Shaver is an award-winning developer who helps media companies expand their services across the ever-growing ecosystem of internet-connected platforms and devices.

About Kelli

For over 15 years, Kelli has helped media companies navigate the ever evolving digital space while keeping them connected with their audience by:

Professional Services


Give your company a solid and stable foundation that meets your growing technical and resource objectives without sacrificing the ability to evolve with the changing needs of your audience.


Make your content available to everyone, everywhere - no matter the platform. By starting small and adding layers of functionality, you can deliver a baseline experience that works everywhere, while providing advanced features to platforms that support them.


Create an ecosystem of connected services that bring your content to your audience across all devices with well-engineered applications and data APIs across a number of technology stacks and platform providers.

The Nitch Podcast

Kelli and Jonathan Stark discuss how to keep your brand connected to the digital ecosystem with apps that run on all platforms using open web standards.

Episode 104: Infinite Cookie Loop

Running time: 43:07

Jonathan and Kelli talk about cross-platform perfection: what to do when media queries are not enough.