Do you need to process and host millions of images?

I'm an award-winning developer who specializes in helping media startups tackle the tough problems around processing, managing, publishing, and hosting millions of images.

I have over a decade of direct experience working with photographers, publishers, and SaaS media companies and 20 years of experience building software for the web. I have a deep understanding of managing high volumes of images at scale, including the need to process and serve images quickly, while optimizing costs and maintaining high standards of quality and accessibility.

I'd love to work with your company to address your image publishing needs.

I Can Help You:

Understand and design on-demand and large-batch image processing tools

Develop strategic approaches to content distribution, caching, and CDNs

Integrate with and get the most out of 3rd-party image services

Build APIs and secure technologies for Digital Rights Management

Architect and implement robust, fault-tolerant publishing platforms

Tackle problems relating to complex, client-side image manipulation

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   Kelli was able to take the time to understand the potential paths of the business so that we could make the right things scalable without unnecessary costs and so that the cost scaled at the right pace as the business needs scaled. [...] She takes the time to understand my business, she takes the time to communicate and be honest with her estimates and finally, just to deliver. Everything she says she's going to deliver on, she delivers in spades and that is worth its weight in gold. I can't stress enough how fun it is to work with someone as creative and as passionate as Kelli is about doing awesome, important work.   

Nate Grahek, CEO, StickyAlbums

   Digitally speaking, I trust Kelli with my life. She's the perfect storm of strategic thinking, implementation chops, and bedside manner. I've worked with scores of amazing technology experts in the past fifteen years, but Kelli takes the cake. She delivers a six-out-of-five star outcome every time.   

Jonathan Stark, @jonathanstark

   Kelli is my go to person for technical questions big and small. I’ve known Kelli for twenty years and in that time we’ve worked on numerous projects together, as cofounders, as friends, and as each other’s clients. Her ability to distill complex technical issues into clear, uncomplicated advice is a rare talent. I trust her advice implicitly.   

Josh Catone, former Marketing Manager at Feedly and Editorial Director at Mashable

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